V.C. Müller


All my classes have a site with all the necessary information, guidelines, readings, exercises, etc. on Moodle or the Leeds VLE Blackboard system. If you are a student in one of these classes, you should log on to Moodle/Blackboard at least once a week. If you have any problems or questions, please come to see me or send an e-mail.

For research teaching, i.e. postgraduate or PhD, see the research page.

The material for our international class on the philosophy of computing (Fall 2008), involving students from Greece, Sweden, Italy and the US is on Moodle and the Blackboard website of UIS. (For academic material on the class, see the publications page and the other articles in the APA Newsletter on philosophy and computers.)

I do not maintain publicly accessible pages for my teaching. If you want to have a look at the material, please contact me.