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The point of this website is to support cooperation, not to advertise myself1, but some information may be useful.

Apart from teaching (a lot, when I was at ACT) and academic research, I also do some other things :
(I also occasionally have what is called "a life", but that is a different matter.)


  • 2021
    • July 2021  -   Invited talk, “Intro to AI Ethics for Lawyers”, AI and Private Law Conference, Singapore, 19.07.2021
    • July 2021  -   Invited talk, “Deep Opacity Undermines Data Protection and Explainable AI”, EAISI workshop Automated Decision Making -  - -  AI systems and individual rights, Eindhoven, 15.07.2021
    • July 2021  -   Invited talk, “Existential risk from AI and orthogonality: Can we have it both ways?”, University of Erlangen, Philosophy Seminar, Erlangen, 06.07.2021
    • July 2021  -   Talk with M. Cannon, “Existential risk from AI and orthogonality: Can we have it both ways?”, CEPE/IACAP 2021, Hamburg, 05.07.2021
    • June 2021  -   Invited talk, “Uncanny Reality: Defining ‘Alive’ in the Age of Androids”, Belfast Photo Festival, 23.06.2021
    • May 2021  -   Invited talk, “Ethics and robots: privacy”, INBOTS final conference, Inclusive robotics for a better society, Madrid/online, 20.05.2021
    • April 2021  -   Invited talk, “Brain Surveillance: A Real Threat for Humans and for some Philosophical Views: Workshop (Unintended) Information in Human-Machine Interaction: Implications on the Individual and Societal Level, LMU Munich & FU Hagen, Munich, 22.04.2021
    • April 2021  -   Invited talk, Big Data Ethics under Opacity: Shallow, Standard ‘Black Box’ or Deep Opacity, AISB Symposium "Overcoming Opacity in Machine Learning", London 08.04.2021.
    • April 2021  -   Invited talk, “Is It Time for Robot Rights?”, Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada, 01.04.2021
    • March 2021  -   Invited panellist, “Policy options for the ethical governance of disruptive technologies”, Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA), European Parliament, Brussels, 23.03.2021
    • February 2021  -   Invited talk, “Orthogonality and Existential Risk from AI: Can We Have it both Ways?”, Workshop Philosophy and AI  -   An Interdisciplinary Dialogue, IDEA Centre, Leeds, 04.02.2021
    • January 2021  -   Invited public talk, “Orthogonalität und existentielles Risiko durch KI  -   Geht das wirklich zusammen?“, Forschungsinstitut für Wissenschafts- und Technikgeschichte des Deutschen Museums & Digital Media Lab at the Munich Center for Technology, talk series on “Maschinen Denken: Geschichte, Gegenwart und Zukunft der künstlichen Intelligenz”, 28.01.2021
    • January 2021  -   “Deep Opacity Undermines Data Protection and Explainable Artificial Intelligence“, P&E Workshop, TU Eindhoven, 19.01.2021
  • 2020
    • December 2020  -   Invited talk, “Human Compatible AI?” Tsinghua University International AI Cooperation and Governance Forum 2020, Beijing, 19.12.2020
    • October 2020  -   Invited talk, “Was ist heiss und was ist kalt in der Ethik der KI?”, Protestantische Akademie Baden, 15.10.2020
    • September 2020  -   Invited talk, “Superintelligent AI and existential risk”, Digital Wednesday, Eindhoven, 30.09.2020
    • September 2020  -   Keynote talk, “What is hot and what is cold in the ethics of AI?”, 11th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SETN 2020), Athens, Greece, 03.09.2020
    • August 2020  -   Invited talk & panelist, “What’s Hot and What’s Cold in Ethics of AI?”, Summer School, Center for Brains, Minds and Machines (CBMM), Harvard University & MIT, Cambridge, Mass. 17.08.2020
    • July 2020  -   Invited talk, “What’s Hot and What’s Cold in Ethics of AI?” Webinar: Mathematical Modelling in the Era of AI, Fez, Marocco, 06.07.2020
    • June 2020  -   Invited talk, “Superintelligence without Ethics: Can We Have it both Ways?”, Bochum Colloquium “Philosophische Digitalisierungsforschung”, 29-30.06.2020
    • June 2020  -   Invited keynote talk, “Superintelligence without ethics: Can we have it both ways?”, Annual Beijing AI Conference, Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) 22.06.2020
    • February 2020  -   Invited talk, "Is It Time for Robot Rights?", Conference "Future Law, Ethics, and Smart Technologies" Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania, 21.02.2020.
    • January 2020  -   Invited talk, "Ethics of AI & Policy", Université de Paris 7, lab SPHere, workshop "Progress, AI and Ethics".
    • January 2020  -   Invited talk, "Gibt es wirklich künstliche Intelligenz?", University of Düsseldorf, talk series “Künstliche Intelligenz – Chancen, Risiken und Herausforderungen“, 08.01.2019
  • 2019
    • December 2019  -   Invited talk, "AI Ethics: Opacity and Bias in AI", Chalmers University of Technology & University of Gothenburg, Chalmers AI Research Centre, 10.12.2019
    • November 2019  -   Invited talk, "Opacity and Deep Opacity in AI", University of Magdeburg, Philosophical Colloquium, 27.11.2019
    • October 2019  -   Invited talk, "Superintelligence and Orthogonality", Bangkok  -   Annual Conference 2019: "Governing the Future: Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Dataism", 18.10.2019
    • September 2018  -   Invited talk, "Opacity and Data Ethics", Delft University of Technology, Philosophy Colloquium, 23.09.2019 September 2018  -   Invited talk and colloquium about my talk, "Opacity and Data Ethics", Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences, 19.09.2019 September 2018  -   Invited talk, departmental colloquium at TU Eindhoven, Philosophy and Ethics, "Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics", 10.09.2019
    • May 2019  -   Conference 'Neurotechnology meets AI', Munich, "Brain surveillance: A real threat for humans and for some philosophical views", 09.05.19
    • March 2019  -   European Robotics Forum, Bucharest, Workshop 'Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility for Inclusive Robotics', "Overview and emerging issues: Social responsibility in AI and robotics" 20.03.19
    • March 2019  -   Invited talk, Colloquium of the School of Computing, University of Leeds, "Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics" 01.03.19
    • February 2018  -   Center for Humans and Technology at TU Eindhoven, "Is it time for robot rights?" 01.02.19
  • 2018
    • July 2018  -   Invited panellist, "Chinese Philosophy meets Artificial Intelli-gence", Berggruen Institute & University of Beijing, 20.07.2018, Beijing, China
    • July 2018  -   Invited talk, "AI, future AI, and Humanity  -   What does AI tell us about ourselves?", University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 18.07.2018, Beijing, China.
    • June 2018  -  Invited talk, "Robots and Persons", Annual Congress of the Canadian Philosophical Association, workshop Éthique et intelligence artificielle, 4-6.06.18, Montréal, Canada
    • May 2018  -  Invited talk, "Morphological X", conference Foundations of Cyber-physical Computation: Morphological and Embodied Computing, Gothenburg, 7-8.05.2018, Sweden.
    • April 2018  -  Invited talk, "Brain Surveillance", UK Mind Network, 19-20.04.2018, Edinburgh
    • March 2018  -  Invited talk, "Privacy in Big Data Analytics under Opacity?", Ethics and Innovation workshop, 25-26.3.18, University of Warwick
    • February 2018  -  "Real Machine Ethics", workshop Phronesis Robophilosophy 2018, 14-17.02.18, Vienna.
    • February 2018  -   Invited talk "Brain Surveillance", University of Leeds Philosophy Society, 05.02.18.
  • 2017
    • December 2017  -  Keynote talk, "Brain Surveillance", Conference Ethics and Artificial Intelligence 04.12.2017, Agder/Kristianssand, Norway
    • November 2017  -  Invited panelist on the movie "Ex Machina", Ypsilon Events, Thessaloniki, 23.11.17.
    • November 2017  -  Invited panelist, EUCognition "Learning beyong deep neural networks", Zurich
    • November 2017  -  Invited talk "Brain Surveillance", Centre for Ethics and Metaethics, CEM seminar, Leeds, 1.11.2017
    • October 2017  -  Invited talk "In 30 Schritten zum Mond? Fortschritt in der KI", 6.10.2017, Cologne Futures, Institut für Medien- und Kommunikationspolitik, Cologne.
    • September 2017  -  Invited talk "Morphology in the orchestration of behaviour: A causal role for computation?" Workshop Morphological Computation 12.09.2017, Santa Fe Institute, NM, USA.
    • August 2017  -  Invited paper, "10th Advanced Scientific Programming in Python Summer School", "Future Progress of AI: In 30 Steps to the Moon?", 31.08.2017, Nikiti, Greece.
    • August 2017  -  Two Keynotes at Beijing Institute of Technology, workshop "Human and Machine Learning", 16-17.08.17, "Which symbol grounding problem should we try to solve?" & "Future progress in AI: In 30 Steps to the Moon?", Beijing, China.
    • August 2017  -  Keynote at ICISTS 2017 conference, 01.08.17., "Future progress in artificial intelligence", KAIST, Daejeon, Korea.
    • June 2017  -  Invited paper at IDEA-CETL conference Big Data: ethical issues at the face of research, Privacy in big data analytics under opacity? Leeds 27-28.06.17.
    • June 2017  - Paper "The digital goes 3D  -   and what are the risks?", 20th conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, Darmstadt, www.philosophie.tu-darmstadt.de/spt2017/, 14-17.06.17.
    • May 2017  - Invited paper, LIDA Leeds Critical Data Studies Group, "Privacy in big data analytics under opacity?" 11.5.17.
    • April 2017  - Invitation only panel & think tank AI and autonomous driving, with Audi Executive Committee, Ingolstadt & Munich, 27-28.04.17.
    • April 2017  - Invited Panelist at IEEE Forum for and with European Parliament members "Civil Law Rules on Robotics: Prioritizing Human Well-being in the Age of Artificial Intelligence", 11.04.17, Brussels.
    • April 2017  - IDEA research seminar, "Brain surveillance", Leeds, 05.04.17.
    • April 2017  - Invited public presentation, "Privacy in big data analytics? Not under opacity" St. Mary's University, London, 03.04.2017.
    • February 2017  - Invited paper, Privacy in Big Data Analytics? Not under Opacity BYTE conference, London, 09.02.2017.

    . . .

    1. Despite having web sites online since the very early days of the WWW (1993), I had always resisted making a page about me  -   but it then appeared that such a site is useful for academic communication and cooperation (rather than just blatant self-promotion). This site was initially developed for my students on the Intranet (in 1999), but the teaching material is now online through various CMS. The site was first made publicly available on the WWW in October 2007. The basic design was initially 'modern', then became 'dated', and is now 'vintage'. Fine with me.

    Incidentally, if you see fleeting grey dots at the intersections of the whites lines on these pages, especially the homepage, there is nothing wrong with your eyes; it's a version of the well known grid illusion, first described by L. Hermann in 1870.